& Child Sessions

A Joyful Journey in Learning Together

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life as your child embarks on a delightful learning adventure through our Parent & Child Sessions at Ka Preschool. Designed for the earliest learners, our program offers a wide range of educational opportunities guided by certified and licensed teachers.



As toddlers play and learn side-by-side, they acquire essential skills such as sharing, following positive behaviour, playing independently, and developing good listening skills, all while being reassured by the presence of their parents.


At Ka Preschool, we understand that having a baby is a time of joyful transitions for families. Our Parent & Child program provides a gentle introduction to a school setting, ensuring your child’s early learning journey is filled with love, care, and enriching experiences. Join us on this wonderful adventure of discovery and growth together.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.

What to Expect


From gross motor skills to music, art, sensory fun, early math, language acquisition, and literacy fundamentals, your child will experience a diverse and enriching curriculum.


Classes meet once a week, with various time slots and days to suit your schedule. New sessions start every 8 weeks.


The program encourages playtime and touch stimulation to support your baby’s physical, intellectual, and social development, all while strengthening the bond between parent and child.


Parents can develop close relationships with other parents, while babies experience their first social interactions with other children, fostering healthy relationships and positive behaviors.