Magician OP Sharma Mesmerizes Kids at Ka Preschool

Magician OP Sharma wowed the young audience at Ka Preschool with an enchanting magic show, leaving everyone amazed. The event received media coverage, highlighting the school’s commitment to nurturing creativity and imagination in children. A day filled with wonder and joy, fostering cognitive and emotional development.

Ka Preschool’s Summer Camp Convocation Receives Esteemed Media Coverage!

Ka Preschool’s inaugural Summer Camp Convocation Ceremony garnered extensive coverage from esteemed media outlets, recognizing the achievements of young preschoolers and the school’s commitment to exceptional early childhood education. The event celebrated the completion of a enriching summer program, providing a nurturing environment for children to explore, learn, and grow. Media attention has spotlighted Ka Preschool’s innovative approach and dedication to fostering a love for learning in young minds.


Give your child the best summer experience with an exciting and unique two-week theme-based classroom course for ages 4 -16.
Kids will develop creativity, life skills and build confidence for a global world!
Our Summer Camp is the perfect balance of learning, engagement, and fun. It is a chance for children to experiment, be creative, and build confidence in a low-stress, enjoyable learning environment.