Kindergarteners: Thriving with Exploration and Leadership

At Ka Preschool, our kindergarten program embraces the boundless energy and curiosity of kindergarteners as they hop, skip, jump, and dance their way through exciting new experiences. With increased opportunities for social interaction, they engage in playful language and joke-telling, while also developing a sense of right and wrong.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.


Development Focus

Our philosophy revolves around the 4 C’s – Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. Through meaningful experiences and engaging activities, we assist children in finding answers, promoting a deeper understanding and sense of accomplishment.

At Ka Preschool, kindergarteners flourish in an environment that values their unique abilities and encourages them to express themselves freely. Join us as we nurture your child’s growth, empowering them to become confident and capable individuals.

Language Skills
150 Hours
Math Skills
100 Hours
96 Hours
Social Studies
90 Hours
Physical Education
100 Hours

Key Aspects


Through our progressive kindergarten program, we focus on fostering holistic development, allowing children to explore and grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically.


Kindergarteners are provided with the freedom to explore learning centers, texts, workbooks, and creative experiences, nurturing their curiosity and independent thinking.


Our program encourages kindergarteners to assume roles as leaders, observers, and contributors, instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership in their learning journey.