Infants - Toddlers

Nurturing Growth and Curiosity

At Ka Preschool, we understand the incredible potential of a child’s brain during the first five years of life. The rapid skill development during this period is truly remarkable, as their brains undergo significant growth. Our Infant & Toddler Child Care and Early Learning Programs are designed to provide a nurturing environment for your little ones to flourish.

The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.



As your child progresses through these crucial early years, we are there to support and encourage their natural milestones. From sitting without support to crawling and standing up, we provide a secure and comfortable environment that fosters learning and growth at every stage of their development.

At Ka Preschool, we celebrate the wonder of childhood and aim to be an essential part of your child’s journey as they explore, learn, and grow in a healthy and nurturing setting. Join us in creating a strong foundation for your child’s future success.

Language Arts
160 Hours
Social Skills
76 Hours
Cognitive Skills
85 Hours
Motor Skills
76 Hours
Listening Skills
145 Hours

Key Features


As language skills multiply and thinking abilities develop, our certified teachers practice differential teaching, catering to the individual needs of each learner.


We follow the popular and effective Creative Curriculum, encouraging curiosity, exploration, and a love for learning from a young age.


Ka Preschool values collaboration with parents to provide a well-rounded, global experience for children, ensuring focused care and attention to each child’s growth.